We strongly believe in a circular economy

We are a steward-owned organization and have put control of the direction of Local Happinez in the hands of the people who run the operation (our grass rooters). Not only in day-to-day operations but also in our bylaws.
Local Happinez is a non-profit organization with value models that can be profitable in the future. Profits we will donate to socially engaged organizations wearing a sustainability hat.

Our grass rooters


Creative designer


Creative director




Backend developer


Research Desk


Founder, Board member


Board member


Impact Measurement


NGO Partnerships


Board member



Winner of United Nations Nelson Mandela Prize 2020



Former CEO World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Netherlands

Our guiding principles

Sharing equally

Everyone is equal. It doesn’t matter where you come from, in the end we’re all the same. It’s only when we treat each other as equals that we can learn so much from one another. Let’s share our hands and expertise to create a better world together for future generations.

Being trustworthy

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Only when you trust one another a relationship works. That’s when you create impact. People should be able to trust each other. And when it cannot be taken for granted, we take steps to make it so. Because together we can move mountains.

Getting things done

Idealism is great, practicing what you preach is the way to make a quantum leap. Dream and act. That’s what we stand for.

Love for adventure

We dare to challenge the way things work today, the beaten paths so to say. Our believes, strategies, legal structures are not the ones you learn at school or during a business class. We implement new ways of working, thinking and sharing because these are required for a successful mission.

Always stay positive

For centuries, humanity has harmed the planet. Now is the time to act. We stand for a positive approach that it is not too late, but we must start doing something now.

Positive thinking, taking a risk now and then, enjoy the ride is our approach to life. We’re all about empowering people. And when you fail? Stand up, don’t linger and value those situations too. It’s a dedication to positive change.

How you can help?

You recognize yourself in our guiding principles? 

Then contact us right away. Today you can start making this world a little more social and green. Help get Local Happinez on its feet. With just one or a few hours a week, you can make a difference. See what suits you and contact us!

social media

Put a few hours a week into making cool updates. We love to create a small team with social and digital savvy fellows.

2 persons


Finding happenings

Contact your own network and environment for projects. Search the net for exciting projects. Get in touch with local project hosts. This project will last for the whole year. You’re free to work wherever and whenever you want. A few hours a week will make a huge difference.

1 or more persons per country

#projects #help 
#south-africa #europe 
#indonesia #suriname


In April/May, we start testing the app. For this project, you probably need to spend around 3 hours. Look for the errors and tell us what you think of the app.

10 persons

#colors #errors
#welove #criticaleyes

Native speaker Dutch/English

Are you fluent in both English and Dutch? The content on our site, in our app, and in some documents can definitely use some proofreading. Sure that a mistake or two can be found.
This is a project of about 40 hours in total.

#lovetoread #redpencil

Story tellers

Are you up for writing great stories about the adventures at the happenings? We could really use an enthusiastic storyteller on our team.

2 persons, more is also possible

#writing #is #an #art

surprise visitors

We are looking for people on the ground who visit happenings to check that the process is running smoothly. It takes a few hours per month.


1 or more persons per country

#oralocalcitizen #south-africa #europe #indonesia #suriname #dutch-antilles

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