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With the world becoming more depleted and individualistic each day, fundamental shifts in society are necessary. Local Happinez embraces this essential change. 

Our platform will generate a continuously expanding social map of NGOs, both nationally and globally. Our aim is to provide local NGOs with the platform they deserve, allowing them to connect and share information freely and more efficiently than ever before. This will empower them to make an even bigger sustainable impact.

Next to this collaborative network, Local Happinez will enable global citizens and organizations to collaborate with thousands of small nonprofits and local communities. Their access to a wide variety of global sustainable projects empowers them to respond rapidly to and resolve sustainability-related problems.

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We are thrilled to offer you a sneak preview of our app, giving you a glimpse of what’s to come.

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We believe that achieving great things goes beyond just money. Sharing expertise, skills, and resources can take us far. Please explore how your organisation can contribute. Together, we can make this happen!

In hands, expertise & networks

Think of young professionals dedicating some of their time. A product owner sharing expertise. Or an introduction to your employees, clients or any other relation in your network.

In products

Think train and plane tickets, online campaigns, media exposure, hosting, licences for maps, ads, software, meeting spaces.

In euros

Of course, we also have expenses that cannot be compensated in kind or products. It would help tremendously if we could find support in this.

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