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Spread happiness and give away 1000 Phing-Things in the Oosterpark Amsterdam

Oosterpark Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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Yes from 4 yrs old

10 October 2021

07.00-19.00 hrs

Sustainable development goal


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Gert-Jan Vlaming

Bringer of happiness

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Please check national Corona regulations before joining a happening.

The story behind...

How it all started

While working on another art project, the Phing-Thing saw the light by accident. Over the years, artist Gert-Jan Vlaming was surprised to see what this statue did to people. The first reaction from people was very inspiring. The Phing-Thing can apparently make people happy. Seeing people smile, them wanting to touch and hold the statue, yes even given them encouragement, made Gert-Jan decide to put as much of them into the world as possible, so that they can do what they are meant to do: spread happiness.

The concept of spreading happiness is a simple statement, but very powerful when it is achieved. We would like to create a moment of happiness in everyone’s life. Everyone reacts differently and every interaction with the Phing-Thing is an opportunity to get a smile.

Everything in a fair way…

In order to spread happiness, it is essential that everything around us happens in the most fair and sustainable way possible. Phing-Things are lovingly handmade by disabled people in the Netherlands, and on a fair-trade basis by wood carvers from Indonesia. We want everyone to be happy with us. Both the people who make us by hand and the people who get us. This means that we pay attention to how we are made, packed and transported. We are currently investigating the possibility of having Phing-Things made from recycled plastic. In this way we want to help make the oceans cleaner and tackle the plastic soup.

How you can help

Early in the morning of October 10, we will place 1000 PHiNG-THiNGS (these are small spreaders of happiness and made of plaster) in the beautiful oosterpark in Amsterdam. And all 1000 PHiNG-THiNGS will be given away during the day to people who come to see the artwork. In this way, the PHiNG-THiNGS will do what they were made for, SPREADING HAPPINESS. Every PHiNG-THiNGS has a beautiful wish on its back so that the new owner not only receives a work of art, but also a beautiful wish.
We are looking for 5 people who can help us that day to set up the PHiNG-THiNGS in oosterpark and to help give it away.

This the second time we are doing this project, the first time was in 2016 in London. During this event a documentary is made, “Spreading Happiness short film“.

Return gift

You will get a unique opportunity to give presents away and spread happiness for a whole day. As extra you will experience meetings with local people and tourist which you may will remember the rest of your live. And of course you can take a PHiNG-THiNG with you.


The event is held in a beautiful park in the eastern part of Amsterdam called the Oosterpark

1000 Phing-Things

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