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Water pipeline renovation due to the earthquake of 2015 (nePAL)

Laprak, Ghorka


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Sept 1 2021 - Oct 31 2022

Mimimum of 2 days help


Nepalese village Laprak

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Bhabi Raj Gurung

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Please check national Corona regulations before joining a happening.

The story behind...

In 2015 Nepal was hit by severe earthquakes. Many villages, people, temples, buildings, schools were seriously damaged. The country is working hard to build it up again. My name is Bhabi and I’m a trekking guide in Nepal. I live in a small village in the Himalayas and guide tourists through the mountains in Nepal. That is before Corona hit our country as well. 


How you can help

The happening

I am working on a water pipeline repair and renovation project. In my village Laprak which is located in the rural and remote area of Nepal. Due the earthquake in 2015 the drinking water pipeline and its source got damaged and we are going to repair this with the new ones. I am looking for fellows who should support us by helping renovate these pipelines.

It’s possible to camp just outside the village. See the pictures below.

Return gift

In return for your support you get to learn about the local habits and culture of the Gurung culture here in the village.

Important info

Sometimes during the rainy seasons it is cold and there is heavy rainfall. I will guide you to the village and pick you up from the town at the foot of the mountain.


The happening takes place on a beautiful ranch of 32 acres.

Laprak Dharche Rural municipality

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