Our mission is to get 1 million people in action for a social and sustainable world by 2027.

Soft launch April 2023

Soft Launch April 2023

Our mission is to get 1 million people in action for a social and sustainable world by 2027.

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How we do this?

You could call us the Airbnb ánd Wikipedia for sustainability projects.

Our free app connects small NGOs and local communities with citizens and organizations globally. Together they work on projects that positively impact the local environment. Now citizens have access to projects, wherever they are. And local communities have access to a global community of people willing to share their expertise and time.

We also connect local communities to each other. Imagine them facing a similar problem, which one community has already solved. With the app, they have immediate access to each other and share lessons learned.

And last, we share the outcome of homogenous projects with governments, and educational and research institutes. To analyze the environmental impact and gain knowledge from our community’s work

An app for iPhone and android

Free for small nonprofits, local communities & citizens

projects during holidays, weekends and days off

online and on-location projects

Direct contact between hosts and fellows

projects in every part of the world

a Global community sharing projects, expertise and hands

Sustainability Impact measurement (SDG)

To give you an idea

A few projects


Cultivating coral reef

Protect and restore coral reefs in Bonaire by developing new and innovative ways to restore reefs. You go by boat and need an open water dive certificate.


Working the land with new sustainable means

Help the local farmers in Ghana harvesting their crops and implement new biodiversity techniques. Learn about their local cultures.


Spread Happiness and 1000 Phing-Things

Spread happiness and give away 1000 Phing-Things in the Oosterpark Amsterdam. Early in the morning Gert-Jan will place 1.000 PHiNG-THiNGs. Help him to place them in the park and get one for free after the happening.


Help the villagers renovate the water-pipelines

During the earthquakes in Nepal (2015) many pipelines were destructed. Bhavi Gurung, mountain guide and living in the village is looking for people to renovate them. Help Bhavi and his neighbors and learn all about the local culture and how villagers live their lifes in the Himalayas.

Why we do this?

While our planet is increasingly at risk, we need to make some fundamental shifts in our society. How we live, work, interact, and treat our planet. 


State of the planet

The IPCC reports indicate the world is in a far state of decline and we all must step up to make this planet a place to stay.

Small nonprofits have a distance to a helpers’ network

It is not their core business to build a network. And often they lack means to do so. But many could use help. And they can teach others about local cultures, the challenges they face and the solutions they offer.

No easy access to short-term help projects

There is a growing awareness among people that every person on the planet has a responsibility in creating a sustainable future. People are more and more aware that they need to step up their game and are eager to share their time and expertise. But they don’t know where to start.

Have we sparked your interest?

We are in the startup phase and plan to launch our app this year. With a team of enthusiastic grass rooters, we share our time and expertise to launch this initiative. Do you want to make this happen too?

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