By 2027, 1 million people have connected and participated in local sustainable initiatives.

By 2027, 1 million people have connected and participated in local sustainable initiatives.


How we do this?

With the world growing increasingly depleted and individualistic by the day, we must make fundamental shifts within our society. How we live, how we work, and how we interact. Environmental and social sustainability are equally vital.

​Users directly participate in and share sustainability projects wherever they are. At home, in their neighborhood, or on the other side of the globe. And when not in action, they can inspire themselves with our documentaries showing the good side of mankind and the progress made on the projects.​

Our applications will enable citizens and organizations worldwide to collaborate with thousands of small nonprofits and local communities. They get access to an extensive global supply of sustainable projects, leading them to come quickly into action and help overcome sustainability-related problems. ​

Our platform also generates social maps of every NGO in a country and worldwide. Local NGOs will be able to connect and exchange information with each other more efficiently than ever before.​

​Ultimately, we gain deeper insights into sustainability projects and deploy these insights to impact sustainable development positively. By employing AI capabilities, we make information available to everyone anytime.​

An app for iPhone and android

Free for small nonprofits, local communities & citizens

projects during holidays, weekends and days off

online and on-location projects

Direct contact between hosts and fellows

projects in every part of the world

a Global community sharing projects, expertise and hands

Sustainability Impact measurement (SDG)

Have we sparked your interest?

We are in the startup phase and plan to launch our app this year. With a team of enthusiastic grass rooters, we share our time and expertise to launch this initiative. Do you want to make this happen too?

To give you an idea

A few projects


Cultivating coral reef

Protect and restore coral reefs in Bonaire by developing new and innovative ways to restore reefs. You go by boat and need an open water dive certificate.


Working the land with new sustainable means

Help the local farmers in Ghana harvesting their crops and implement new biodiversity techniques. Learn about their local cultures.


Spread Happiness and 1000 Phing-Things

Spread happiness and give away 1000 Phing-Things in the Oosterpark Amsterdam. Early in the morning Gert-Jan will place 1.000 PHiNG-THiNGs. Help him to place them in the park and get one for free after the happening.


Help the villagers renovate the water-pipelines

During the earthquakes in Nepal (2015) many pipelines were destructed. Bhavi Gurung, mountain guide and living in the village is looking for people to renovate them. Help Bhavi and his neighbors and learn all about the local culture and how villagers live their lifes in the Himalayas.

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