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Our Sustainability Ecosystem (SDG)

Imagine thousands of local communities are connected to other citizens, nonprofits, corporate organizations, governments and movements willing to share their expertise and time. Then together, on a global scale, we will contribute to a planet and society in which equality, education, inclusiveness and sustainability prevail.

Our platform goes beyond transaction. It’s based on the philosophy of eco systems where small nonprofits, local communities, citizens, companies, governments, movements and institutes are all in connection with each other, creating a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity benefits from each other with the ultimate result to create a sustainable world for future generations.

Ready to make an impact?

We believe that money is not the only means to achieve great things. Exchange of expertise, hands and products can take us a long way. We ask you to look into your organization to see what help you can mobilize. Together we can make this happen!

In hands, expertise & networks

Think of young professionals dedicating some of their time. A product owner sharing expertise. Or an introduction to your employees, clients or any other relation in your network.

In products

Think train and plane tickets, online campaigns, media exposure, hosting, licences for maps, ads, software, meeting spaces.

In euros

Of course, we also have some expenses that cannot be compensated in kind or products. It would help tremendously if we could find support in this.

The things your organization can help us with

Introduction into stakeholder network

Clients, partners, employees, expat spouses, government institutes, embassies, members, foundations, movements, influencers, media etc.

Expertise mobile app development

8 hrs/wk for a minimum of 1 year

Native speaker Dutch/English

Project for 40 hours, followed by ½ day/wk
Digital content (app and website), documents, blogs

Marketing & Communication support

To support with story telling, our newsletter, managing our social channels, visual content creation.
20 hrs/wk

Free transportation

Think of train and plane tickets to visit happenings, local nonprofits and other stakeholder.

Meeting spaces

For larger presentations, events, testing, etc.

Legal expertise and support

For creating our terms and conditions, working out legal what-if scenarios, and standby for legal questions.
Project of 80 hours, after that standby.

Financial sponsorships

We try to receive as much material en human support as possible from organizations and individuals. Some expenses, however, remain. And for these, we are looking for financial sponsors.

Expertise online community platform

It is essential to connect hosts and fellows. Additional expertise in digital community development is certainly welcome on our team.
3 hrs/bimonthly

Test panels Mobile App & Happenings

With the app and at the happening, we want to know what could be better. We are looking for groups of about 10-20 people who love details, good customer experiences, and attractive design.

Free licences

 Think of Google Maps, Google Translate, Google Ads, Project software, Document Management licenses, Adobe software.


Of course, we need servers and hosting to run our community. Security and speed are daily practices for a hosting party. Do you have some space available?

Customer Care Expert

We want to add an expert customer service person to our team during the startup period. Why invent the wheel when it’s already been done right?

8 hrs/wk for 4 months

Perks & Benefits

Competitive Sustainable branding

As a brand, be associated with Local Happinez. A movement whose sole purpose is to create a more sustainable world. You have access to thousands of clients/employees/fans/friends. We have access to thousands of local projects and communities. Let’s connect them.

Receive stories from the happenings. Content (text, images, videos) shows the power of connecting people from different backgrounds. Your clients/employees/fans, and local communities support and educate each other on sustainable challenges.

Use these stories for commercial exposure, recruitment purposes, annual social reports, etc.

Let your stakeholders come into action for a sustainable world

Why not help your stakeholders to become conscious citizens? By giving them the possibility to give something back during their day off, weekends and holidays. Help them to come into action for a sustainable world. With our app, they’re just one chat away from coming into action. It doesn’t get any easier!

Contribute to United Nations SDG

Become a member of the Local Happinez Ecosystem
Our platform goes beyond a single transaction between community members. It’s based on the philosophy of an ecosystem in which small nonprofits, local communities, citizens, companies, governments, movements, and institutes are connected for the long run.

Creating a constantly evolving relationship where each party benefits from the other will ultimately create a sustainable world for future generations.

Our community thrives by sharing knowledge with other local communities, education & research institutes, governments, the private and public domains, all for the benefit of generating relevant sustainability (steering) information to create a better world.

Sustainability Impact Reporting

Show the impact your stakeholders make
Receive SDG sustainability reports on the impact your stakeholders have made. The measurements go beyond just the hours they spent on projects. We measure the actual impact of the projects.

Imagine some of your stakeholders have helped restore coral. What is the impact on underwater life? Have more or different fish species come to this area as a result? And what does this mean for the entire aquatic ecosystem in a specific area?

We want to measure thát! And share this in clear reports that you can use for your stakeholders.

The Action Group membership

A seat at the co-create table
Be a member of the action group and work on programs that help our movement grow. The creation of our social impact platform, a female empowerment program, customer activation programs, employee programs, citizens in action programs, and travel awareness programs are among other items on the agenda of this agile team.
Walk the talk! Don’t only talk about sustainability… act sustainably!
We aim for organizations like corporate companies, successful startups, governmental institutes, education and research institutes, nonprofits, and (international) movements.

Advisory board membership

Members of the advisory board share their expertise in developing our movement. Topics in the field of governance, impact measurement, strategic partnerships, organizational development, financial challenges, community development are examples of topics on the agenda of this board.
To avoid conflicts of interest, members of the advisory board represent different organizations than members of The Action Group.

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